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Community-owned Conservancies are part of a vital network of wildlife corridors used by East Africa’s big animals, and provide sanctuary for a huge variety of wildlife, as well as directly benefiting the local people. This short documentary highlights the fragile nature of their ecosystem and the delicate balance involved in conserving wildlife alongside the open cattle ranches.

His final product is excellent, and extremely useful for our organisation to illustrate and explain the complexity of what we do. What impressed me most, though, was how easy Rupert made the process of creating the film. From the way he structured the interview, to the preparation he undertook prior to coming, Rupert’s professionalism made the film making process incredibly straightforward - and fun!
— Michael Brosowski, CEO Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Tea factory delivery, Sri Lanka 2018. © Rupert Bedford

Visual Storytelling for Social Impact

Rupert Bedford is an independent documentary filmmaker and photographer, with a background in law.  

Rupert makes short films for charities, foundations and non profits - simple but powerful films that inspire support from donors, grantors and the wider community, for the vital frontline work they do.

And he makes short documentaries and photographic stories on issues ranging from wildlife conservation to access to justice.

A great believer in collaboration, Rupert works with skilled partners where more specialist footage is required - including aerial, underwater, animation and graphics.

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