Walking has always been a part of my life from an early age. Growing up in the countryside we were always encouraged to walk and experience the outdoors. But it was perhaps our windswept family holidays amongst the moors, hills and mountains of the highlands of Scotland which sowed the seeds of my enduring love of fresh air, open space and the simple freedom of walking.

In my twenties, despite being a rather earnest young man wrapped up in my legal studies, I did manage to squeeze in some memorable treks; the most notable being through the Rwenzori mountain range in Uganda, across the northern Kenya desert to Lake Turkana and on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. And our choice of honeymoon in the Manu region of the Amazon in Peru was inspired. 

The last twenty years or so has been dedicated to nurturing and raising my own family - which is and will remain the greatest achievement of my humble life. During this time I have kept up my daily walk and, with my three boys now grown up and making their own way in life, I have a window to do some more challenging walking, whilst body still allows. Basically its a case of carpe diem!

What else...

  • I now live on the beautiful, wild Hartland Peninsula coast in North Devon with my wife Claire and dog Lara 
  • When I'm not walking I enjoy kayaking, wild swimming, snorkelling and (the thought of) freediving
  • I hate injustice
  • I'm not very practical but I do know how to use a compass and GPS

And in case this sounds like all play and no work...

Following twenty (fairly undistinguished) years or so as a lawyer, covering both civil and criminal justice, I have now changed career to work as a specialist english language teacher for professional and business clients.


7th January 2017

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