I'm a freelance legal aid lawyer, independent researcher, writer and adventurer (in the Walter Mitty tradition). I currently specialise in criminal defence and marine conservation work but over the years I've run a rural community legal aid practice covering a range of matters from land and environmental law to family law and litigation. Overseas I have a special interest in community-led initiatives to advance justice in developing countries, otherwise known as legal empowerment, with a focus on two distinct areas - bail projects and community marine protection

BC (before children) I travelled extensively through Africa, Asia and Latin America and, whilst at my desk, I dream of my next trek, dive, ski or sea kayak expedition. Home for me is the Hartland Peninsula on the North Devon coast and I'm constantly inspired (and sometimes irritated) by my lovely wife and 3 boys/young men. I hold a Masters in Environmental Law and support the good work of the Open Spaces Society, Marine Conservation Society and Environmental Law Foundation in the UK and NamatiBlue Ventures and Etatu overseas. I would urge you to. Oh and I am lead coach to my son Sam who is a budding athlete. 

Feel free to contact me (unless you want to sell me something) on;

07860 472 316 or by email at rupert@rupertbedford.co.uk