Divorce / Dissolution of Civil Partnership

The ending of a marriage, cohabitation or civil partnership is a stressful and emotional experience. Obviously if matters can be agreed as amicably as possible that is better for everyone, but we know that is not always possible. Rupert is committed to dealing with your case in a sensitive and non-confrontational manner to ensure that a difficult situation is not made worse.

Divorce or dissolution can be fairly quick in straightforward cases – when you are both in agreement, the process usually takes between three to six months. Some disputes, however, can take much longer, but I can suggest ways to shorten the process. One way is mediation. I can also help you with resolving disputes over your children, your finances, your house, your pensions and investments, maintenance payments and dealing with the Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service.

If you have suffered domestic abuse or you have been threatened, injunction proceedings may be necessary. I can help you in this situation too.

Rupert Bedford
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