Domestic Abuse

Sometimes relationships that are breaking down can deteriorate into domestic abuse. One party may be verbally, emotionally or physically abusive to the other. In such circumstances I can advise you about the possibility of obtaining a non-molestation injunction. This will require the other person to stop using or threatening violence against you or any children of the family, or intimidating, harassing or pestering you, or encouraging anyone else to do those things. To breach an injunction is now a criminal offence.

An alternative solution might be an occupation order, which bars the other person from the family home. A power of arrest can be attached to an occupation order, so that if the order is breached, the offender is brought back before the judge.

In some specific circumstances you may fall outside the criteria of ‘an associated person’ for an injunction such as those above – I can advise on this. However, a protection from harassment order may be obtainable.

Where domestic abuse has occurred we can also put you in touch with helpful services such as counselling services, women’s refuges, or the police.

If you are in fear of violence or abuse from your partner, do please call me straightaway. I’ll act swiftly and make an application to the courts for an injunction, if it is appropriate. I am always available in an emergency for such cases.

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