Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need?

All you need is;

  • a computer, tablet or smartphone;
  • an internet connection;
  • a quiet space where you will not be disturbed (and you will not disturb others!).

A mic/headphone set may enhance your experience but is optional. A computer or laptop is preferred as you will have a larger screen, but tablet or smartphone will also be fine. 

There are no downloads* or installs necessary. You simply accept my invite 'link' to join the class and off we go!


Yes absolutely. So long as you have an internet connection I can teach you online wherever you are in the world.

WHERE ARE YOU located?

I live and work in Devon in the South West of England, UK. But I travel to London and overseas regularly. Through my Virtual Classroom I can teach from anywhere in the world.

Are you professionally qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language

Yes I have achieved the full CELTA teaching qualification from International House in London. CELTA is widely regarded as the most comprehensive qualification in english language teaching around the world, and International House is one of the premier teacher-trainer institutions in the world.

Are you a Native English Speaker?

Yes I was born in England, have grown up here and live and work here. I am about as English as it gets!

Do you have any other qualifications which you bring to your teaching?

Yes I am a qualified lawyer with over 20 years experience of legal practice in the UK and I have a Masters Degree in Environmental Law. I also have commercial experience of running my own business.

Do you offer specialist tuition in Business English and/or 'English for Special Purposes'?

Yes I offer a wide range of english language tuition - from General English, to Business English and English for Special Purposes such as Legal English.

I need to improve my english for my work. Can you help?

Yes, my students are professionals and business people who require private one-to-one tuition to improve their english skills in the workplace. We can work on documents, materials and language specific to your business or profession.

I am already enrolled on a course. Are your lessons helpful for extra tuition?

Yes absolutely. Students find my one-to-one, private lessons particularly helpful as extra tuition to assist with their studies and exams. 


My lessons are generally aimed at professionals and business people who already have a reasonable command of general english but need help in becoming more fluent and comfortable with the language used in their work. Beginners are better advised to start off in an offline class. But I am flexible so if you are unsure of your level don't worry - simply contact me and we can discuss.

How do I join a class?

Joining a class is easy. At the agreed start time of your lesson I will send you an invite 'link' to join the class. You simply click on the link to join. Simple!

Is the connection private & secure?

Yes absolutely. All communications inside the Virtual Classroom are completely private between teacher and student and fully encrypted to be completely secure. Once the lesson is finished all 'chat' record is erased.

How do I pay for a lesson?

Lessons are paid for in advance by credit or debit card or through Paypal, from our 'payments' page. Before paying for a lesson or course it is a good idea to first contact me to discuss your current ability and requirements.


Do you offer actual face to face lessons?

Not normally. However for my regular students based in the UK I may be able to arrange for face to face follow-up tuition depending on where you live.

Do you offer group classes online?

Not currently. I only teach on an individual 1 : 1 basis as this allows for highly immersive, personalised tuition. However I may introduce small 'seminar' group classes at some point in the future.

I am interested in having a lesson - what do I do now?

Please contact me and I will get back to you to discuss your requirements.


(*Note - if accessing the virtual classroom via smartphone or tablet you may need to download a free App. This is quick and simple and I will give you instructions)

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