Rupert’s film about Etatu is everything we could have hoped for: it provides a clear and engaging picture of what we do and captures the ethos and aims of Etatu perfectly. Rupert portrays everyone in the same way as he approached and engaged with them - sensitively, empathetically and positively. It has had an immediate impact, bringing us new supporters and generating additional income. Thankyou!
— Jacquie Lindgren, Chair of Trustees, ETATU

ETATU is a UK registered charity founded by Jacquie Lindgren who grew up in Kenya. This short film highlights the work of the charity in improving educational capacity, particularly for girls, in and around the coastal communities of Msambweni in Kenya.

A short film highlighting the work of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, a pioneering legal advocacy NGO based in Hanoi, Vietnam that rescues child victims of trafficking and street children, and provides them with long term care & support.

Community-owned Conservancies are part of a vital network of wildlife corridors used by East Africa’s big animals, and provide sanctuary for a huge variety of wildlife, as well as directly benefiting the local people. This short documentary highlights the fragile nature of their ecosystem and the delicate balance involved in conserving wildlife alongside the open cattle ranches.

A short video report on how conservation measures have led to the return of large numbers of Puffins and other seabirds to Lundy Island.

A short film showcasing the nature and wildlife of Spekes Valley in North Devon, where land meets ocean and each night during the summer the gulls return in their flock along the valley to roost in the cliffs.

Dr Kirsten Johnson is a Concert Pianist and the first woman to be selected as Westminster Parliamentary Candidate for the North Devon Liberal Democrats. We talked to her about what it’s like to be…the Candidate