Walking Planet Earth

with back pain...

Inspired by the BBC Planet Earth series, Rupert Bedford is embarking on a series of solo walking expeditions along some of the worlds great long distance trails. The walks will take him through many of the planet's great natural environments - mountain, desert, jungle, grassland and coast.

As a chronic back pain sufferer, the walks will present a particular physical and psychological challenge - which may, in turn, yield useful insight and learning.

Rupert will be walking;

  • in celebration of the natural world, 
  • in homage to all those who are forced, without choice, to walk great distances to find safety and sanctuary,
  • in support of the global movement for access to justice for the poor, and
  • in empathy with all the back pain sufferers of the world

In the course of the walks Rupert aims to raise awareness of these issues and raise money, on an ongoing basis, for various charities.

As a warm up Rupert will attempt to walk the entire length of the South West Coast Path (630 miles) in one go, starting on Monday 18th September 2017. The walk is expected to take around 6-8 weeks. 

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