00.06 How did you get involved in setting up Blue Dragon?
01.24 Why is Blue Dragon needed in Vietnam right now?
03.25 What are the main services that Blue Dragon offers?
06.11 Who are the people that you help?
08.01 Can you give an example of an individual case
10.38 Do you consider Blue Dragons' work to be innovative or unique?
13.31 What work does the Blue Dragon Legal Advocacy team do?
17.41 It's unusual for a charity to have its own in-house legal team. Why is this important?
19.33 How does an actual rescue happen?
21.58 What are the main trafficking routes?
24.54 How many children have Blue Dragon rescued?
25.56 How important is it that the offenders are brought to justice?
27.48 Why do you do this work? What is your personal motivation?